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The kit includes a set of bungee cords that will allow you to tie down the board when sailing through the sea.

  • Still, open ocean remains to be the best place for races and serious windsurfing practices.

  • However, larger sails can propel you to high speeds.

  • The most well-known is , which is located at the tip of a narrow point of land, separated from a small islet by a stretch of sea and shallow reef with rocks and sea-urchins — watch out! Please Note: during busy season Nov through Jan economy orders can take longer to process.


For beginners and intermediates really looking to improve probably an even better option is the.

  • Throughout the year, this wide and long beach welcomes all water lovers to try and tame the winds.

  • Consider a Mistral windsurfing board for the best quality and design available.

  • Furthermore, it gathered positive reviews from customers who have tried the windsurfing board.