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Gastrocnemius Rupture

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What is the Gastrocnemius Muscle and How Do I Treat It?


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Gastrocnemius 7 Killer

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Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle Flap

The treatment no treatment, anti-coagulation, follow up of gastrocnemius vein thrombus is debated by physicians and often the decision to treat is based on clinical history, findings and physician judgement.

  • The calf can also be tight due to microtearing of the Achilles tendon, the way the foot hits the ground, instability or laxity in the ankle ligaments, trigger points in the calf muscle, or a host of other things.

  • Repeat on the other side.

  • In addition, some patients may notice a difference in the appearance of one calf compared to the other and temporary calf weakness.

Understanding Gastrocnemius Muscle Tear

Studies have shown an increased rate of healing with the ankle braced in a neutral position ex.

  • This can be micro-tearing, or complete in the case of a gastrocnemius rupture.

  • In preparation for the procedure, anesthesia is administered and the patient is positioned.

  • However, even professional athletes can sustain a calf muscle tear.