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Walten jack A_Chaotic_Ghoul —

Walten jack The Walten

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Walten jack The walten

Walten jack Jack Walten:

Walten jack The Walten

Walten jack A_Chaotic_Ghoul —

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Walten jack The Walten

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He says that it will be lots of fun that Bon will join him in assisting the party.

  • Time to show your creativity! He trembles and flinches upon seeing Mortality lunge for him, only to cry and wants to go home.

  • The guilt from this and everything else that happened seems to have worsened his drinking by at least 1977.

  • Mortality Boozoo meets the final ghost Mortality who heavily resembles Bon from the canon tapes that will visit him by seeing a room at the end of the hallway, which is darkened by a silhouette.

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