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Shop Review: Cafe Marion In Cherating, Owned By A French

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CAFE MARION, Cherating

It is remarkable that the service is noted as cool.

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  • Spicy Chicken Tandoori wrap White Chicken meat marinated in homemade tandoori sauce, drizzled in our special yogurt based homemade dressing, over basmati rice and fresh greens.

  • Named after owner and founder Sharon Long, who oversees everything at the restaurant, ensuring a warm welcome, and a satisfied stomach! Thru the years it has been a chicken hatchery, a washateria, a barber shop, and an Insurance agency just to mention a few! A width of 0 indicates the element is not visible.

Sharon's Café, Marion North Carolina

It was lunch time, and we decided to give it a try.

  • Sadly they don't do deliveries to Kuantan hoping this changes in the near future.

  • So happy to see them open and thriving.

  • Coming from Asheville or Hickory? We are very happy we did.