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Autopsy ordered for late Spectrum member Kim Dong Yoon : kpop

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Kim Dong Yoon dead: Spectrum star's sister writes heartbreaking letter

Spectrum dongyoon Kim Dong

Spectrum dongyoon Autopsy ordered

Spectrum's Kim Dongyoon has passed away ⋆ The latest kpop news and music

Spectrum dongyoon Kim Dong

Spectrum's Kim Dong Yoon of 'MIXNINE' passes away

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You must be happy there.

  • I can't even fathom how hard this would be as a parent, not to know how your child died.

  • Most 'overwork' deaths are actually caused by hearts attacks and strokes, often due to starvation diets and the impact of stress on the body.

  • It was so sudden that his family, his fellow members and all our employees are still in mourning.

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In the next episode, Kim Dongyoon got the 21th place on Episode 13, but he was eliminated on Episode 14.

  • Kim Dongyoon received Grade B on the first episode, then he managed to move up to the 31th place on Episode 4 and Episode 5.

  • When we held your funeral, many people prayed that you would go to a good place.

  • Other Spectrum members include Minjae, Dongkyu, Jaehan, Hwarang, Villain and Eunjun.