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Modern family's Reid Ewing confirms he is gay after cosmetic procedures reveal

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Modern Family’s Reid Ewing on Coming Out as Gay: “I Was Never In”

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  • A Physicist Tries to Solve the City.

  • Also an artist, he wrote the original song, In the Moonlight Do Me , which he performed on Modern family.

  • They want to see you making yourself look good.

Openly Gay Reid Ewing Age, Surgery Talks, Net Worth & Facts

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  • This doesn't look like a human submission.

  • In a new sneak peek at this week's episode of Modern Family, we learn that Haley Dunphy is actually expecting twins with her boyfriend Dylan.

  • Right now, he just does it for fun but he hopes that eventually, he might be able to produce an album complete with original songs where he plays a variety of different instruments.