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Korean drama ‘Jirisan’ airs last episode; maintains No. 1 position in ratings

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Kdrama jirisan Jirisan (TV

Where and How To Watch Jirisan Episodes Online?

Kdrama jirisan Jirisan (TV

Jirisan Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Kdrama jirisan Jirisan (TV

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Kdrama jirisan Korean drama

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Kdrama jirisan Korean Drama

Kdrama “One The Woman” Final Episode Achieves Highest Ratings Of Its Entire Run: “Jirisan” Remains Most Buzzworthy Drama For 2nd Week

Kdrama jirisan Netizens got

What's Streaming This Week: The K

Ain’t no mountain high enough for Jun Ji

It was a hard and fun time, and I made a lot of memories.

  • So he further dedicates his life to rescuing others, and sees the lives of his subordinates as his responsibility.

  • Sol, able to see Hyun-jo, is also there.

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