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Dai Viet's perseverance thwarted Mongolian attempts to conquer South East Asia and prevented the third Mongolian invasion of Japan, as the Mongol navy was completely destroyed during Bach Dang.

  • Lý Thần Tông was crowned under the supervision of , a powerful eunuch.

  • A short bloody civil war led by the royal Tran family against the Dương clan broke out in 1369—1370 that created turmoil.

  • For his gesture conferred the '' on Ho, giving him the legitimacy that, in Vietnamese eyes, had traditionally resided in the emperor.

Dai Viet

Lead the rebellion against the Chinese Ming Empire and become a Vietnamese hero.

  • Moise, the Đại Việt were compelled to rely extensively on foreign support, which jeopardized their nationalism's legitimacy.

  • Eight weak Lê kings briefly hold power.

  • Throughout its long existence from 968 to 1804, Đại Việt flourished and acquired significant power in the region.

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