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Meaning creatinine Low Creatinine

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Meaning creatinine Creatinine

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In order to understand what low creatinine levels mean in relation to the health of our bodies, first we must talk a little bit about creatinine.

  • Other common causes of kidney disease or kidney damage are: hypertension, kidney infections, , , , certain medications, eating excessive meat; and urinary tract; blockage due to prostate enlargement, bladder problems and.

  • When the creatinine levels get increased in the blood everyone will start worrying about the elevated creatinine levels.

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Serum creatinine

If the creatinine levels are bad, such as if they are high due to kidney disease, then treatment will include: following low-salt and low-fat diet, regular exercise; maintaining normal blood pressure; maintaining a healthy weight; quitting smoking; if diabetic, controlling blood sugar and reducing alcohol consumption.

  • When a kidney infection is responsible for high creatinine levels, treatment with an should return them to normal.

  • A person might try incorporating more sources of vegetable protein, such as beans, in their diet.

  • Creatinine is a waste product of your muscles that your kidneys need to flush.