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John Constantine to be recast for the upcoming HBO Max series: Reports

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John finds a wounded angel named Imogen, who says that when she was lifting Zachary to , he stole one of her feathers, giving him his powers and causing her fall to Earth.

  • The second is the protagonist of the film adaptation of Hellblazer, ; in this film he is played by Keanu Reeves.

  • In the present, Constantine assists Oliver in performing a 'reverse exorcism' to restore the soul of the recently-resurrected.

  • John also has a defensive curse that allows him to transfer any body damage and pain to his enemy.

John Constantine: His 10 Darkest Stories Ever, Ranked

Liv chooses again to meet up with John after seeing the ghost of her grandmother.

  • Filled with regret, John gives into Furcifer's wishes and starts to break the seal.

  • No doubt those details will emerge in the coming months.

  • I just wanted this character who knows everything, and knows everybody — really charismatic.