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Khaki: The First Widespread Military Camouflage

Color khaki Khaki /

Khaki Color

Color khaki Khaki

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Color khaki Khaki /

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Light Khaki color hex code is #D6C9AF

Color khaki Khaki color

20 Best Khaki Pants for Men in 2022

Color khaki Light Khaki

Color khaki Khaki Color

Color khaki Khaki

What Colors Go with Khaki? Five Easy Choices (And What to Avoid)

Khaki vs. Tan

The colors listed below are some of the most complimentary colors for khaki.

  • Among the earliest was khaki, which has a long history as the first widespread military camouflage.

  • The main difference is that natural themes focus on earthy and muted shades and natural textures, while botanical themes can be interpreted as slightly more feminine or classic, with less neutral shades used.

  • An American M1895 pattern tunic, one of several used during the Spanish-American War.

Top Colors that Go with Khaki (with Pictures)

Khaki and Black The Brdwlk Black and khaki can be tough to pull off due to the severe contrast between the two colors.

  • To relax and wind down, warm neutral shades provide a soothing mix that is both warm and supportive of neutral thought.

  • You can achieve this by using khaki in various spots around the room, along with other earthy and natural tones.

  • We suggest tweaking the colors slightly to achieve desired results.