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Mysteries ae AE Mysteries

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Mysteries ae AE Mysteries:

AE Mysteries PSYCHIC SQUAD Chapter 2 Answer or walkthrough

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Mysteries ae AE Mysteries:

Mysteries ae AE Mysteries:

Mysteries ae AE Mysteries

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Click on the star and water gem on the locket.

  • Going back to ancient life is something that every adventurer wants.

  • Use it with the fireplace.

  • Tap on the garage, then tap on the dog and continue.

AE Mysteries Walkthrough

Set Up Camps After completing the mini-game, you are thrown to an empty area where only camps are available along with a few hidden items that you must find to collect.

  • Left column will be opened then solve the puzzle watch walkthrough video at 2:11min.

  • You will be taken to one of our guides with a youtube video that will take you through the chapter.

  • I hope you continue making such games.