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Meaning heatwave Heat wave

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The Real Meaning Behind 'Heat Waves' By Glass Animals

Heat waves can also damage rail roads, such as buckling and kinking rails, which can lead to slower traffic, delays, and even cancellations of service when rails are too dangerous to traverse by trains.

  • Judging from the long list of record high temperatures measured across the world, it will also become evident that a worrying trend is developing.

  • For example, in many areas of the northern U.

  • The government of India decided to reserve or keep one-third of production as buffer stock but the farmers have confirmed that the supply can not be met and will provide a whopping 25% less.

How heatwave reduced wheat production?

Patients with mild cramps can be given oral.

  • Scientists predicted that in the days following the issuance of these warnings, many records for highest low temperatures will be broken: i.

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  • The first signs of heat-related illnesses are increased sweating and muscle cramps.

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