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Demi Lovato Says They Are 'So Proud' of Forthcoming Album: 'Best Yet'

She knocked it out of the park as she was able to translate her own feelings and struggles into the lyrics.

  • Just like them, her results are noticeable by their consistency with album tracks selling a relevant share of her biggest hits.

  • Sharing vocal duties with Trevor Dahl, Demi Lovato demonstrated how versatile their music was becoming when they reworked the track with an acoustic arrangement, supported by a haunting guitar lead that drew out the softer undertones of this gorgeous melody it appeared on deluxe editions of Tell Me You Love Me.

  • The pain here is palpable, and Lovato wields it like a weapon and a shield.

12 of the Best Demi Lovato Songs

These six albums sold 540,000 units combined in Europe — against 495,000 in Brazil.

  • These heroes possess various superpowers.

  • This catchy remains in heavy radio rotation to this day.

  • It is all about faith.