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Article 4: Ecosystem Biodiversity In Malaysia

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Article 4: Ecosystem Biodiversity In Malaysia

The physical environment consists of non-living components such as temperature, salinity, pH, and the amount of sunlight that penetrates the water, ocean current, wave action, and type and size of sediments.

  • It would also be interesting to know that this animal among wildlife in Malaysia is the main protagonist of many traditional Malay folktales.

  • However, one needs to be very careful of this animal, since they have a poisonous bite.

  • Unique marine animals of Malaysia Large marine mammals found in the Malaysia water include the whale shark and dugong.

Malayan weasel

If you dream of a weasel of big and prominent eyes it symbolizes their person's ability to discover remunerative and beneficial business.

  • It has a body length of 30β€”36 cm 12β€”14 in with a 24β€”26 cm 9.

  • If Dr Mahathir was in the country at that time, then how come Musa Hitam was the Acting Prime Minister? You have done really very good site.

  • Malaysians consider this animal to be their national animal.

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