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QUICK EPISODE RECAP: “Nevertheless” Episode 7 — Breakups, Temptations, And More Confessions

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Nevertheless cast: Meet the stars of the upcoming romance K

In the previous episode of Nevertheless, a conversation between Jane-eon and Kyu-hyun indicated that the show would dig further into Kyu-Hyun and Bit-na's relationship.

  • Tetapi, Dia sendiri sebenarnya tidak tertarik terhadap orang lain.

  • Selama syuting, Yang Hye Ji dan Song Kang tidak membicarakan kemiripan karakternya.

  • Na-bi tries to shut away negative thoughts by visiting her aunt.

Nevertheless cast: Meet the stars of the upcoming romance K

Do you remember people from your teenage years who made up the tales of your love life? It follows a girl named Yu Na-bi Han So Hee who broke up with her cheating ex-boyfriend.

  • Sosok asisten pengajar cantik dari Departemen Patung.

  • And Jae-eon is going to be a tough nut to crack.

  • She majored in art but later changed her major to acting.