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Cravity taeyoung CRAVITY Members

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Cravity taeyoung Taeyoung

Cravity taeyoung CRAVITY's Taeyoung

Cravity taeyoung CRAVITY

Cravity taeyoung CRAVITY (크래비티)


On August 5, Cravity announced they would be making their first comeback with their second extended play Season 2.

  • Gaon Music Chart in Korean.

  • Hideout: Remember Who We Are and Season 2.

  • Taeyoung was living in Malaysia for two years when he was 4 years old.

CRAVITY Opens Up About Their Favorite Hobbies & Obsessions

On October 3, Starship Entertainment made an official statement.

  • This latest boy group will give a new nuance among other debutants in 2020.

  • Top Star News in Korean.

  • Kim Tae Young , simply known as Taeyoung , is a South Korean singer and a member of the Kpop boy group Cravity formed by Starship Entertainment.

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