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Are Kim Jung

Ji-hye seo ‘Crash Landing

[OFFICIAL] Song Seung Heon x Seo Ji Hye (Dinner Mate Couple / Destiny Couple)

Ji-hye seo ‘Crash Landing

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Ji-hye seo ‘Crash Landing

Seo Ji Hye

Ji-hye seo [OFFICIAL] Song

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Song Chang

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  • Seo Ye-ji in Warning: Do Not Play pinterest.

  • I guess that's why I used to wonder why she no longer did lead roles, but I like how her acting has improved over the years.

  • Released in 1999, Closer moved away from the hip-hop style and went with a more of a pop-oriented sound, which was more in line with the other types of idol music being produced at the time.

12 Facts About Seo Ji

Within a week of the incident, their management company, World Music Entertainment, officially announced the break-up of the group.

  • In 2019, she starred in the films 2019 and 2019.

  • In every lines they deliver In DM, it was so heartfelt, sincere and real that I feel like it was SJH and SSH talking and not their characters.

  • She contacted Yeol and asked him to be the dad of her daughter.