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UOB : Personal Internet Banking

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UOB Personal Internet Banking

Personal Internet Banking transaction limit: 1.

  • Personal Firewall Personal firewalls serve two basic functions.

  • An inbound scan will look for and block any uninvited commands, instructions, programmes or messages from entering your system, while outbound controls will look for and block unfamiliar programmes like viruses and Trojan horses from trying to send out messages from your computer.

  • You can double click the security icon to view information pertaining to the security certificate for the web page.

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They protect your system from unsolicited scans coming from the Internet and usually offer outbound controls as well.

  • Your Company Administrator will be able to create multiple company users and assign different functional access privileges for different company Users you need to purchase additional tokens for the new Users and token charges may apply.

  • For other general student enquiries please use.

  • Q: In case the SecurePlus Token is being lost, what must be done? For instances where further investigations are required due to the complexity of the issue, we will keep you updated on the progress and strive to resolve your concerns within 14 business days.

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