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JPN Kuala Selangor

Jpnselangor National Registration

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Jpnselangor National Registration

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Jpnselangor Selangor Education

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  • Berikut merupakan maklumat penting semakan keputusan tawaran sekolah kawalan ambilan tahun 2022 yang boleh disemak melalui applikasi semakan atas talian Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri masing-masing.

  • Kali ini, saya tambahkan tulisan pula.

  • Pihak sekolah mesti memahami undang-undang dan peraturan sekolah.

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  • I believe the ministry is studying about going toward this direction in the future.

  • This is really serious because, day in day out, the school, parents and everyone is talking about being hygienic but, the washroom is so dirty and has no water supply.

  • I don't think a full scan is needed.