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Sajdah surah Surat As

32. Surah As Sajdah

Sajdah surah 5 Surah

Merit of Surah Al

Sajdah surah Surat As

5 Surah Sajdah Benefits Virtues of Chapter 32

Sajdah surah 5 Surah

Sajdah surah List of

Sajdah surah List of

Sajdah surah Surat As

Sajdah surah Surah As

Sajdah surah Surah Sajdah

Benefits and Virtues of Surah 32 As

Now only those people will become the leaders, who will believe in it and follow the Truth presented by it patiently and resolutely.

  • Reading with transliteration will help you with the pronunciation.

  • And if, like before, you are given re-birth in the world, while you do not remember anything and the reality is kept hidden from you, and you are set the test once again as before the result will not be, any different.

  • It will be taken intact into custody and produced before its Lord.

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But if you intend to await the final judgment, then await it as you please.

  • Why does he raise the meaningless objections about the life hereafter and the Hereafter? فَأَعْرِضْ عَنْهُمْ وَانتَظِرْ إِنَّهُم مُّنتَظِرُونَ Commentary In the commentary below of each verse we first quote the translation of each verse and where we decide not to suggest a commentary, assuming that the translation is self evident we just state the translation and nothing else.

  • Al-Hasan used to say: This verse means the prayer and vigil at night.

  • For the two parts which make up the objection are both unreasonable.