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Huening Bahiyyih

His ethnicity is not known.

  • His dad nabil david huening is a famous actor and singer whereas his mother jeong yeon ju is a housewife.

  • Birthday: August 3rd, 1996 if she ended up signing with yge, it'll be interesting to see how people react? Korean american there's still 2 more rounds left before becoming trainee.

  • She is known for being a contestant on the 2021 survival show, Girls Planet 999, where she ranked second.

Huening Kai, Parents, Ethnicity, Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth & More.

The group consisted of: Gayeon, Jaeny, Yeji, and Lea.

  • My Name is Kylie, but you can call me Kye for short or can.

  • Further, he had sung for almost ten years whose some videos can be fetched on YouTube.

  • She has put in a lot of effort to reach her current stage, and she deserves to finally get the chance to prove her talent as a K-Pop idol.