Cm3 to dm3 - Conversion dm^3 to cm^3, dm3 to cm3, dm^3 to cm^3. Cubic decimeters to cubic centimeters. 1 cubic decimeter is 1000 cubic centimeters.

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Conversion g/cm^3 to kg/dm^3, g/cm3 to kg/dm3, g/cm^3 to kg/dm^3. Grams per cubic centimeter to kilograms per cubic decimeter. 1 gram per cubic centimeter is 1 kilogram per cubic decimeter.

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Water reaches the highest density at 4°C.

  • What is the more common name for dm3? Thereof, is dm3 the same as L? Example Calculate the concentration of 0.

  • Density varies depending on temperature and pressure.

  • One liter in volume and capacity sense converted to cubic decimeters equals precisely to 1.

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Convert dm 3 to cm 3.

  • The symbol for density is ρ Greek letter rho.

  • Measurement like molar concentration finds its use in a number of places right from education to industrial usage.

  • Imperial volume units use nontrivial coefficients for conversions.