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Best Note Taking App

Programmed with amazing features, this is an app that can be used over a long time to help the user become organized and stay organized.

  • But, when it comes to note taking, web clipper, and sharing, Evernote is the winner here.

  • Evernote is one of the most used note-taking apps in the world.

  • So the answer is everyone would benefit from using this easy to use the app.

12 Evernote Alternatives for Note Taking in 2022

Now, how do you decide which is the one for you? In a tag-based approach to organizing, tags are the tool for identifying context.

  • This is truly diabolical for a note taking app that I pay £50 for each year.

  • Features As a tool for taking and sharing notes, Notion is a great alternative to Evernote.

  • The problem is that it seems the newest version of Evernote still isn't universal and still using Rosetta to work on M1 computers.

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