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Bay tawau cowie TAWAU COWIE

Cowie Bay, Tawau Lama 🇲🇾

Bay tawau cowie Cowie Bay

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Tawau’s Cowie Bay is Home to Irrawaddy and Indo

Bay tawau cowie 50 Things

Have you ever heard about Tawau? 5 memorable places in Tawau that you must visit.

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Sebatik Island

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Sebatik Island

TAWAU VisitTAWAU: Dolphin Irrawady berkelah di Cowie Bay Tawau...

Every day, hundreds of deep sea trawlers and tuckboats can be seen at the Cowie Bay.

  • The discovery of the dolphins at Cowie Bay is not new.

  • The airport was closed when the new Tawau airport opened.

  • It stands a height of 40 feet measured from its concrete base to the top of its steeple.

Old Tawau Airport: One of World’s Scariest Runways

However, there are still many who live without proper documentation as in the town with their own unlawful settlement.

  • Com Ibrahim Rusli perenang pertama takluk Teluk Cowie, Tawau.

  • Too bad, it was closed on that morning.

  • Both cocoa and palm oil are part of the large agriculture sector that has become the main income producer for the town.