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Dear brothers and sisters, please care for yourselves diligently! It is estimated that 100,000 Iraqi civilians died from wounds or from lack of adequate water, food, and medical supplies directly attributable to the Persian Gulf War.

  • He captured on 14 May 1702, defeated the Polish-Saxon army again at the July 1702 , and took.

  • August 2 Birthday Symbols The Is The Symbol For The Leo Zodiac Sign August 2 Birthday Tarot Card Your Birthday Tarot Card is.

  • What is highly important is the satisfaction that the job has in stock for you.

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One of the two daughters, Constantia Alexandrina, married Johann Heinrich, Lehnsgraf Knuth.

  • After a grueling matchup, Tamina pulled off a thunderous Samoan Drop to defeat Doudrop, much to the dismay of Eva Marie.

  • August 2 Lucky Tarot Card The lucky is Strength.

  • On 27 April 1694, Johann Georg died without legitimate issue and Augustus became , as Friedrich Augustus I.

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