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Kim Jung

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Nexon founder Kim resigns as CEO of NXC, 47% owner of Nexon

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Ju kim jung What Happened

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Ju kim jung What Happened

Nexon founder Kim Jung

Ju kim jung New photos

Ju kim jung Yahoo fait

Founder of MapleStory publisher Nexon Kim Jung

She cannot leave North Korea Before she got married to Kim, it is said that Ri Sol-ju had travelled abroad.

  • Editor : Jeon Chang-hyeop Juvenile Protection Manager: Kim Young-won Tel : +82-2-727-0114.

  • Our prayers are with the family and other close friends or associates.

  • In 2013, Kim acquired BrickLink, an online marketplace for Lego toys, which was then sold to The Lego Group in 2020.

Kim Jong Un vows to boost North Korea's nuclear arsenal

Kim Jung Ju merupakan miliarder yang menghasilkan pundi-pundi perusahaan game online.

  • As Kim Jung-Ju was ongoing depression treatments, his death has been linked to suicide.

  • Kim was recognized in ' Asia's 2021 Heroes of Philanthropy list for his donations to the two children's hospitals.

  • With offices in Korea, Japan, United States, Europe and Taiwan, Nexon services over 100 online and mobile games to over 190 countries.