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Having An Interim/Caretaker Prime Minister Is Actually Nothing New In Malaysia

The defeat of a one that concerns the spending of money or unable to pass important policy-related legislation is seen to require the resignation of the government or dissolution of , much like a non-confidence vote, since a government that cannot spend money is hamstrung, also called.

  • Section 4 1 of the Arbitration Act further provides that the award can be set aside, or recognition be refused, where the award conflicts with the public policy of Malaysia or the subject matter is not arbitrable under Malaysian law.

  • The announced its acceptance the following day.

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APAC: Malaysia

The prime minister's party will normally have a majority in the and party discipline is exceptionally strong in Malaysian politics, so passage of the government's legislation through the House of Representatives is mostly a formality.

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  • The Yang di-Pertuan Agong then decided to appoint as the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia four days later.

  • Looking to teach English abroad? Later that day, Idrus Harun said that Muhyiddin and his Cabinet can still exercise power as no clear evidence is shown that the team lost the majority.