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Borneo highway pan Pan Borneo

Pan Borneo Highway

Borneo highway pan Pan Borneo

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Borneo highway pan Pan Borneo

Borneo highway pan Pan Borneo

Ecological Impacts of Roads: The Pan Borneo Highway

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In the meantime, the Kota Kinabalu—Papar section of the was completed in 1964, followed by the Kota Kinabalu—Kudat section which was completed in the 1970s.

  • Arip Bridge to Bintulu Airport Junction ABJ 64.

  • The environmental and social impacts of roads in Southeast Asia.

  • Law enforcement strategy also identified closing illegal roads as a required action for reducing forest encroachment and illegal timber extraction.

Pan Borneo Highway

The government is committed to ensuring sufficient allocation for LPB Sarawak as it is a major infrastructure project in the country.

  • Inadequacies in the EIA process include spatial and temporal ignorance, conflict of interests, and the flexibility of legislative requirements.

  • To meet strict government standards and establish the new highway as a reliable backbone for transportation in Sarawak, LBU required an interoperable and sustainable digital asset management solution.

  • To straighten and upgrade current trunk roads requires moving hills and also residential and non-residential structures.