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Munchkin Munchkin cat

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  • Examine your 8 cards you start with, if it includes a Race or Class card place it in front of you on the table.

  • He began crossing the dwarf cats with ordinary cats to produce more dwarf kittens.

  • Weight:Ă‚ 6 to 9 pounds Length: About a foot and half long, although its legs are about 3 inches shorter than other cats Coat: Shorthaired with a medium-length plush coat or longhaired with a semi-long silky coat Coat Color:Ă‚ Any color combination or pattern Eye Color: AllĂ‚ colors, including blue, brown, copper, green, and yellow Life Expectancy:Ă‚ 12 to 15 years Characteristics of the Munchkin History of the Munchkin Munchkins owe their short legs to a naturally occurring gene, not human selective breeding.