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Stomach cancer is the second most common form of cancer in the world.

  • Because the two duct systems share a common opening to the duodenum, gallstones which form in the gall bladder can potentially block both the secretion of bile and the secretion of pancreatic enzymes into the duodenum, depending on where the gallstones lodge.

  • Branches of the celiac trunk supply the liver, spleen, stomach and part of the pancreas and esophagus.

  • On the sides of the abdomen the other six regions are the left and right , on either side of the epigastrium; the left and right , on either side of the umbilical region, and the left and right iliac or on either side of the hypogastrium.

Abdominal region

Sometimes, the virus reappears, causing pain and a rash that wraps around one side of the abdomen.

  • Insulin resistance means that your body's muscle and liver cells don't respond adequately to normal levels of insulin, the pancreatic hormone that carries glucose into the body's cells.

  • Deep to the epithelial lining of the small intestine are dense networks of blood and lymphatic capillaries.

  • Lastly, the right ovary and potentially parts of the right fallopian tube can extend into the right lower quadrant in females.

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