Aliff aziz - Back together? Affectionate photos of Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz and ex Bella Astillah spark rumours

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Aliff Aziz arrested for behaving aggressively after getting pummeled at Geylang

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Malaysians are stanning Aliff Aziz for his ‘very dynamic’ performance

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Aliff Aziz Net Worth 2022: Money, Salary, Bio

Aziz aliff Singaporean actor

Aziz aliff The Aliff

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The Aliff Aziz Scandal — The True Net

She alerted the police later that day.

  • Aliff and Afifah are involved in the drama series Izinkan Aku Mencintaikau Let Me Love You.

  • She filed a police report and Aliff subsequently admitted taking the money as he was in need of it.

  • He is known for hit songs such as Sayang Sayang Love, 2007 and Tak Ada Cinta Sepertimu No Love Like Yours, 2014 , a duet with Malaysian singer Siti Nordiana.