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  • Along with our partners, we advocate to governments, donors and the private sector to improve WASH services in schools, and to facilitate knowledge exchange and learning.

  • We provide, building washing, sidewalk cleaning, parking garage cleaning, graffiti removal and more.

  • Jani-King has met many challenges during our first year — events with over 100,000 in attendance from concerts, to football, to bull riding — all presenting very different issues.

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Our cleaning experts will always work around your business hours to keep your space clean, help minimize sick days and increase employee productivity.

  • Increasing focus on sustainability We are committed to making all WASH programmes sustainable and adaptive to climate change by the end of 2021.

  • MobileWash is expanding from California to Florida and we will be in your area soon! We have served many years in the cleaning industry both as professionals and entrepreneurs.

  • UNICEF works in over 100 countries to help provide access to clean water and reliable sanitation, and to promote basic hygiene practices in rural and urban areas, including in emergency situations.