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Can Dettol spray kill novel Coronavirus? Here's what the company says

Dettol salutes 'Covid protectors' by placing them on the label

Dr Bharat Pankhania said at all times, not only during outbreaks, good hand hygiene went a long way towards control and reduction in person-to-person spread of infections.

  • Post the easing of lockdown restrictions, she has begun to serve breakfast too.

  • At a time when the entire country was battling the deadly second wave, Gaurav put his own life at risk to deliver oxygen.

  • He and his team of 60 volunteers receive more than 200 calls a day per person.

Reckitt to replace Dettol logo with unsung COVID

A viral photo showing the label of a Dettol disinfectant product mentioning its effectiveness in fighting the Coronavirus has led to confusion and misinformation online.

  • And they do it all without adding a single ounce of carbon emission to the environment.

  • Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, misleading information has been on the rise.

  • We believe these stories when shared, give a sense of much needed optimism among those seeing them.