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Vezovnik, Andreja, and Ljiljana Šarić.

  • Adolf Hitler, who dreamed of the Empire of the World and shared his people with this dream, tried to invade Europe completely and consequently, the armies of Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Bulgaria occupied Yugoslavia when the dates showed 1941.

  • Fundamental to the tensions were the different concepts of the new state.

  • The followed shortly thereafter.

The Former Country of Yugoslavia

The proposal was rejected as the Bosnian delegate voted against it, believing that there was still the possibility of diplomacy being able to solve the crisis.

  • On 9 January 1992, the Bosnian Serb assembly proclaimed a separate Republic of the Serb people of Bosnia and Herzegovina the soon-to-be , and proceeded to form SARs throughout the state.

  • In the post-war period, it started developing as a major industrial center.

  • Such a programme had been advocated by the IMF and other organisations "as a condition for fresh injections of capital.

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