Mojito with lime - Original Lime Mojito Recipe

Lime mojito with Best Classic

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Lime mojito with Mojito

Lime mojito with Lime Mojito:

Lime mojito with Jalapeño Mojito

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Lime mojito with Virgin Mojito

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Lime mojito with Mojito

Original Lime Mojito Recipe

The classic mojito recipe is made from a combination of rum, mint, sugar, lime juice, and club soda.

  • As far as the type of sugar used, Cocktail Kate from Furnivals Well in Liverpool always pairs the blanco white rums with a white sugar cane syrup whereas Julian opts for an unrefined or golden sugar.

  • It needs to come straight from the freezer or be crushed just before you make the drink.

  • This is very good, but I think the perfect mojito needs a mint syrup 1:1 ratio of sugar or splenda to water, boil together for ~3mins, add fresh mint leaves to taste and allow to cool together before straining.

Mojito Limeade Recipe

A mojito cocktail is made by muddling fresh mint, fresh lime juice, sugar and rum together.

  • Once chilled, the mojitos are served over ice with club soda and lots of mint and lime slices for a pretty presentation.

  • Then you can throw in some whole mint leaves to make this drink look super pretty.

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