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Meaning homunculus HOMUNCULUS English

Meaning homunculus Motor Homunculus

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Meaning homunculus Homunculus definition

Cortical homunculus

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Motor Homunculus

Meaning homunculus Motor Homunculus


Meaning homunculus HOMUNCULUS English

Meaning homunculus Homunculus

The Sensory Homunculus

Homunculus: The Alchemical Creation of Little People with Great Powers

The dearth of his acting ability comes to full bloom with Ayano dancing through a number of outlandish set-ups, such as Nakoshi bringing a hardened Yakuza to tears by drawing out his childhood trauma or eventually putting a drill to his own skull and pressing the trigger, all with real conviction.

  • Penfield first mapped the cortex in humans while operating the brain of the patients who had epilepsy and other disorders.

  • When you touch something with your index finger, a neighboring area of your brain receives a signal about that touch sensation.

  • That is why the homunculus represents variation in sizes as it extends over the cortex.

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