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CPS Test / CPS Tester

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Test clicking CPS Test

Test clicking Click speed

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Test clicking Click Counter

Test clicking Click Test

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Jitter Click Test

When you take the test on the click counter, the timer runs for the selected period.

  • For example, 1- second click counter, 5 seconds, 10 seconds click counter, and so on.

  • How the double click test works The basic principle of this test is very simple: you click the button and the detector counts time between clicks and if time is less than 80 milliseconds then your mouse has the double click issue.

  • Make sure your arm is not slouched :Make sure that it is also slightly tensed, and not flat against a surface.

Mouse Double Click Tester & Counter

This method is not easy to learn and requires a lot of practice.

  • With all these methods, remember to also practice your mouse aiming and in-game movement to be better at Minecraft PvP, as they're equally important.

  • They will allow you to conduct a good click training session and cps test, but due to their purpose, they will not be very convenient for this.

  • You can arrange clicking challenges and become the best in your gaming community.