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Rescued by Ruby real story: A tale of two lives saved

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The heartwarming true story behind Netflix’s Rescued by Ruby

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'Rescued By Ruby': The Heartwarming True Story Behind the Netflix Dog Movie

In a moment of weakness, a character reprimands Ruby, and she runs away, leaving viewers to wonder whether she'll return.


  • The Netflix film makes it seven.

  • Sharon, for her part, starred in series like Bad Blood and Bellevue, and appeared on episodes of Riverdale, Supernatural, Fringe, and Once Upon a Time.

'Rescued by Ruby' Netflix Review: Stream It or Skip It?

As shelter volunteer Patricia Inman told the Miami Herald: "She jumped and bit her leash.

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  • The universe works in mysterious ways.

  • As a result, Zarrella thought that Ruby and Dan would make a good team, so he paired them up rather than it being a chance meeting as it was in the movie via.