Cathryn 李元玲 - Li Yundi’s Protégé Cathryn Li Said, “Boundaries Were Never Crossed”

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Cathryn Li Reveals Attempted Suicide

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Cathryn Li: Malaysian Model Embroiled in Body Shaming Controversy

李元玲 cathryn 鋼琴女神失手遭轟?李元玲當眾暴走離場 淚曝內情超委屈

Cathryn Li Reveals Attempted Suicide

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李元玲 cathryn Cathryn Li:

Welcome to Evita clinic, Cathryn!

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鋼琴女神失手遭轟?李元玲當眾暴走離場 淚曝內情超委屈

李元玲 cathryn 目標ボディを探そう!映画にピアノにバレエ等でも活躍されている世界的美女のキャスリン・リーさんに注目!

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Cathryn Lee Walks Out of Live Interview After Netizens Bashed Her Bad Piano Skills

Cathryn has yet to give her explanation regarding the issue.

  • She has repeatedly refused to play and they should give her a break or at least, gave her heads up so she can prepare in advance.

  • I agreed with her- there was too much of their singing and what did they expect her to do while they are singing? Haters going hate and if such comments could trigger her, she should really stay off the public eyes.

  • The negative comments were taken by Li as an offense which made her lose her cool and throw a childish tantrum.


I hope that after he comes out, he will be given a chance to correct his mistakes and take the right path.

  • Netizens are now wary as to the capability of the influencer to work professionally during shows where comments are unavoidable.

  • We hope you consider making a contribution so we can continue to provide you with quality content that informs, educates and inspires the Asian community.

  • However, Cathryn rebutted these accusations, and said that she was being targeted for refusing to agree to go for meals and play by unwritten rules in the entertainment industry.