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Rasa nava Navarasa

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Navarasa (2021)

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Navarasa (TV Series 2021

Rasa nava 'Navarasa' review:

'Navarasa' review: Some interesting films, some misses in this 9 film saga

Rasa nava Nava Rasa

Navarasa (TV Series 2021– )

Rasa nava Navarasa review.

Rasa nava 'Navarasa' review:


Rasa nava Navarasa review:

Rasa nava Navarasa: Release


Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music.

  • Phasellus pulvinar fringilla turpis in congue.

  • The rasa we're looking at is 'disgust', but the ending suggests that it could have fit the 'hasya' theme better.

  • It is shown that this is the reason why Arul had attacked Ganesan.

Navarasa: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Mani Ratnam's Netflix Anthology

The protagonist loses control of a situation and brings an excrement-covered dog in contact with a Brahmin family who apparently cannot tolerate even well-bathed animals.

  • Rajesh Murugesan has composed the music.

  • It is then revealed that the female cop is in fact Anbu, and all the incidents earlier were from their past sometime after 1997.

  • During his last Drift which lasted only 10 minutes, he changed something in the past, which led to his wife Lakshmi and child disappearing in the present.