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Scandal bill gates Bill Gates

Who did Bill Gates have an affair with?

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SCANDAL: Here's Why Bill Gates is Buying Up So Much US Farm Land

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Scandal bill gates Bill Gates'

Bill Gates' Quiet Summer Interrupted by Scandals Including Epstein Tie

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Yahoo är en del av de varumärken i Yahoo

Scandal bill gates Bill Gates

Bill Gates acknowledges an affair with an employee, which Microsoft investigated

Scandal bill gates Bill Gates

Bill Gates will never be the same after scandal and his divorce from Melinda French Gates

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What Bill Gates said about this child sex scandal will absolutely chill you to the bone

Bill Gates Jokes About Tracking People With Vaccines

Can you make the grade? Since then, Gates has tried to shed his reputation as a , instead crafting a public image of a nerdy do-gooder, largely through his philanthropy.

  • Throughout the investigation, Microsoft provided extensive support to the employee who raised the concern.

  • They are very responsive to emails and phone calls.

  • An ongoing and messy divorce from wife Melinda Gates added to contentions that perhaps Bill Gates would be a no-show at Sun Valley.


Grounds for legal separations included abuse, felonious activity, and, yes, affairs.

  • In fact, there is a moral imperative to do it, if you are a parent you want all good things for your children, you want them to grow up safe.

  • Bill is described as once attending a presentation in 2006 held by a female Microsoft employee -- who must've left quite an impression.

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