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Where To Buy Raw Shea Butter In Malaysia?

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Tortellacci di Zucca in white wine and sage butter

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It's the kind of butter that would play well with others but can hold its own in the spotlight too.

  • Kampung Baru translated to new village has come a long way since the British colonial in 1900.

  • I chill it to make a semi-hard candy — mmmm good.

  • I tend to only use fancy butter when butter is the star of the show.

Fish Recipes

I did it with my Hamilton Beach Food Processor and only took about 5 minutes.

  • White and odorless, refined Shea Butter is used for skin care.

  • Within the seed of the shea tree are two oily kernels that make up shea butter.

  • Cream from pasture-raised cows gives our butter a rich golden color and a characteristic, creamy butter flavor.

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