Dol said - ACTS OF RESISTANCE: Dol Said And The Naning War

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PA Health Agency Told to Pay $1.2M to Staff Denied Overtime Wages: DOL

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DOL: Texas restaurant didn't pay workers $867K in tips/overtime

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Bulgarian TPP Bobov Dol said it made a non

The restaurant to the allegations in a response filed in February 2021.

  • Intending to follow in the footsteps of their Indian conquest, a military campaign was sanctioned by the British East India Company to seize Naning and to arrest its chief in 1831.

  • Daripada suku , Dol Said mewarisi Penghulu Anjak sebagai Penghulu Naning pada tahun ketika hanya berumur 26 tahun.

  • The employer must provide the worker with transportation and housing to the United States.

ACTS OF RESISTANCE: Dol Said And The Naning War

Dol Said defiantly opposed the imposition of tax on Naning by British where they need to pay about 400 bushels of rice when they are disobeyed to pay 10% from their crop yields.

  • Namun, penentangan orang Naning gagal.

  • Beliau berketurunan suku Semelenggang, Dol Said juga adalah penghulu Naning yang ke sembilan selepas menggantikan Penghulu Anjak pada tahun 1799 ketika beliau berusia 26 tahun.

  • Secara implisit, Farquhar cuba mengukuhkan kuasa British ke atas Naning.