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Dotties will no longer be our spot any more unfortunately.

  • Bottom line: Go with the delightful a vanilla or chocolate Frosty-ccino—iced coffee that's flavored like a Frosty—on your next Wendy's breakfast run.

  • A big Breakfast Baconator will easily make up for that.

  • The charming, minimalist space feels homespun, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the shop even offers a printer to get that work printed out while waiting for a bagel or a coffee roasted by Brooklyn-based Spectrum Coffee.

Tierra Mia Coffee Company

As a QC resident myself, I regret not discovering this coffee shop years ago! In-N-Out Burger: Coffee You should go to In-N-Out Burger for a Double-Double or some Animal Style Fries, but you shouldn't go there for a cup of coffee unless you absolutely must.

  • Their popular dishes include Seafood Marinara and Shrimp Salad, while their best-loved beverages are the Iced Mocha and Cappuccino.

  • Unfortunately, they're rubber flavor notes.

  • Looking for great coffee? The name says it all: Coffee Project NY is an ambitious undertaking, an enterprise that includes comfortably spare shops in Fort Greene, the East Village, and Chelsea, as well as a glassed-in academy and training center in Long Island City.

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