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Scrabbler Q&A: Team Woogles! — Collins Coalition

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PUZZLES! : Woogles

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How can we make the most of Woogles? — Collins Coalition

Io woogles Scrabbler Q&A:

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Io woogles The Woggles

Io woogles WESPA Cup

The Toronto SCRABBLE(R) Club (NASPA Club #3)


  • Eventually, I'll build some stuff of my own.

  • I mean, even before, I had been thinking - not actually doing it, because I don't have the skills, but thinking - about how it would be nice if we had just one place for everything.

  • We want to flesh out the chat features a little better so you can, you know, talk to your friends back and forth and have an ongoing chat.

PUZZLES! : Woogles

And that's the hardest for Robin to block.

  • So we've definitely found some basic values.

  • Also, another thing I think about is the journey of expertise.

  • The obvious question, therefore, was why we haven't switched.

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