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Coco Definition & Meaning

Ironically the prohibition almost forced Miguel to do exactly that and Imelda soon realizes that it didn't work too well.

  • Christian Hoffman, the film's character supervisor, said that all of the details in Mama Coco's face were not modeled.

  • Just as he received the blessing, Miguel disobeyed the condition and was sent back with Imelda, which demands him to accept her conditions, but Miguel refuses and escapes to search for Ernesto, figuring he can get a blessing from that ancestor with no such conditions.

  • Coco premiered on October 20, 2017, during the in.

Coco Arquette

Both Héctor and Ernesto do this throughout the film.

  • The second time, she does so on the condition that he never forget his family loves him, but Ernesto interferes right before she can touch Miguel with it.

  • Imelda is behind the gate, held back from her full potential as a singer.

  • Turns out that it was actually the guitar of his old friend, Héctor.