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Web wss Understanding IIS

Web wss Web Sockets

Understanding IIS Web Site and SharePoint Web Application

This type should be used when hashed password equivalents that do not rely on a nonce or creation time are used, or when a digest algorithm other than SHA1 is used.

  • Token ownership is verified by use of keys and man-in-the-middle attacks are generally mitigated.

  • However it is possible to distribute sites within a web application across multiple content databases.

  • Our Joinery business makes the installation a breeze with both trades working closely together.


These values will be entered in the Tenant URL and Secret Token field in the Provisioning tab of your Symantec Web Security Service WSS application in the Azure portal.

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  • NTLM authentication fails with org.

  • Combining a nonce with a creation timestamp has the advantage of allowing a server to limit the cache of nonces to a "freshness" time period, establishing an upper bound on resource requirements.