Lego world map - This Stunning World Map Is Made of Legos

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Map lego world Lego World

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Map lego world LEGO World

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Map lego world Lego World

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Map lego world 31203 World

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Map lego world LEGO World

Map lego world LEGO Art

31203 World Map

LEGOLAND Resort Park Map

It has 40 base plates for you to build your map on, and it can be arranged in three different configurations, so you can put your favourite part of the world in the centre of the map.

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  • I love that Lego left the land masses as a blank canvas of exposed studs for this.

  • There are eight other LEGOLAND Parks in the world — LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark, LEGOLAND Windsor outside of London, LEGOLAND Florida in the U.

LEGO Art World Map

To extend the joy, rebuild the map to reflect your own world view.

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  • Add pins to highlight memories or new places to see! There are two new colors for the 1×1 round tiles, bright green and teal, which will be welcome additions to detail-oriented LEGO builders and mosaic enthusiasts alike.

  • No passport is needed to go on this creative adventure! And thenthere are the ones that take things to an entirely different level.