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Opah OPAH Seafood

Opah OPAH Seafood

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3 Ways to Cook Opah

Opah OPAH Seafood

Opah: the best fish you’ve probably never tasted

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Opah OPAH Seafood

Lampris guttatus

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Opah Moonfish (Opah)

3 Ways to Cook Opah

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3 Ways to Grill Opah


Só existe um segredo para termos uma boa experiência: acreditar que o momento é agora! The most important thing to know about cooking opah is not how to slice it or even how long it should stay in the oven.

  • Use tongs to flip the fillets over and cook them for 2 to 3 more minutes or until they're medium-rare to medium.

  • Until recently in San Diego opah has swum under the radar, the result of erratic availability.

  • Opah are known to have a light flavor and are not currently a protected fishery.

Tasting Hawai'i With Moloka'i Chef James Temple: OPAH, Hawaii's Red Moonfish

Both sides of the fish should be cooked while the inside will be medium-rare.

  • To serve, place sautéed vegetables on a plate.

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  • They are not found in schools, and thus are not caught in great numbers.

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